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President: Joy Lorcery……….…………………….     Tel

Past President: Claire Delorme Pegaz…………       Tel

Secretary:Sylvaine Mallinjoud………………….        Tel



6 réflexions sur “Contact us

  1. Hello! I’m Jacques Rey’ friend. He talked to me a lot about your association. I would be delighted meeting you or/and exchanging. It would be a pleasure to possibly take part of one of your evening meeting. I’m leaving at La Ravoire. Surely I will enjoy evening talks and debates.


    • Hello !

      Sorry for not answering sooner but managing a website is quite new for me.
      You can meet us on the Journées Européennes du Patrimoine (see the post on the website).
      Our first meeting will be on 1st of October.
      Sylvaine MALLINJOUD
      Grapevine Secretary


      • Thanks for replying. I will try taking part to your first october meeting. If not I’ll let you know. Would you mind let me having the meeting address. I’ll give you a ring soon about the Journées Européennes du Patrimoine.
        Gérard Gardien


  2. Hello My mum from England has just moved to Tresserve and would like to come to the next meeting and also meet other expats in the area, could i get some info on the next meeting thanks Tim O’Connor


    • Dear Tim O’Connor,
      We would like very much to welcome your mother to our Association !
      The next meeting is tomorrow, Thursday 3rd of March, at 8.00pm in 131 Boulevard Wilson-Aix.
      We look forward to meeting you both there !


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