Meeting 03.11.2016 – 5 minutes talk by Joy Lorcery :

Before the 1970’s when « package holidays » arrives, most English people went to the English seaside for their holiday. The main destinations were called « RESORTS ». They expected to have much entertainment, the form of theatres, amusement arcades, at least one pier and the donkey rides on the beach. There were B&B’s and hotels available of all standards. Favourite holiday treats were Candy Floss, Toffee Apples and of course Fish’n Chips, eaten out of the newspaper wrapping.

I’ve chosen 4 typical towns to illustrate :

BRIGTHON : in the county of Sussex on the south coast ; famous for its Georgian architecture and Royal Pavilion built originally by William Pordon in the Indian style. In 1816 John Nash added Chinese and Gothic features. It was owned by the Prince of Wales, later Queen Victoria sold it to the town. Brighton is also famous for the London to Brighton veteran car race.



TORQUAY : in the county of Devon on the south west coast. It is called the Cote d’Azur of the south because of its gentle climate where palm trees grow ! It was developed in the Neopolonic wars when they built houses for their personal and their families ; it’s a very sophisticated town with excellent accomodation available.



BLACKPOOL : In the county of Lancashire on the north west coast. It has 3 piers all with theatres on them. It is most famous for its tower ; 520 feet tallrom Victorian times. Marvellous illuminations festival held in September. Unsophisticated as compared with Torquay catering for family holidays. It has 2 swimming pools and 4 golfcourses !



SOUTHEND ON SEA : in the county of Essex on the east coast. Has the longest pier in Britain (1,33 miles (2,14km) long. Venue of Londoners especially the cockneys now. Sea bathing started here in 1767 at the SOUTH end of the village of Prettlewell. These are 12th and 13th century monestries and church there. A cliff lift takes you from the beach to the town. This was reopened in 2010 after renovations. The author Jane Austin used Southend as the setting of John Knightly and his family in her book EMMA.



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