Interview with Claire Delorme-Pegaz, Past President, and Joy Lorcery, new President

Joy & Claire

Claire Delorme-Pegaz, Past President, and Joy Lorcery, new President

We recently changed President, but do you know everything about these 2 Ladies ? Let’s discover their biographies !

Childhood / Career (anything you want to say to introduce yourself… !) :

Claire : I was born in Aix-les-Bains in 1955 and I grew up in Brison-Saint-Innocent. When I was 10 I went to school in Aix-les-Bains. The building which was recently renamed  MJC Ferrari was then “lycée Vaugelas”. When I was 15 I went to Lycée Vaugelas in Chambéry. I passed my final examination with 3 foreign languages (Baccalauréat A5) in Chambéry and 2 years later I got a degree as a trilingual secretary (BTS secretariat trilingue) in Grenoble.

I married and I moved to St-Etienne . I obtained a degree in English/American literature from St-Etienne University. I travelled a lot in the UK and in the USA when  I was Young. When I was 18 I worked in Lymington (Hampshire) and visited the Isle of Wight but not Osborne House though. I started teaching English in secondary schools and later I taught in primary schools for 13 years.  

When my children were young we employed au pair girls for 7 years (6 from England and 1 from the USA). We are good friends now and are still in touch.

Joy : I was born in South London in a room where Queen Elizabeth the 1st had slept. I grew up in the North of England returning to London when I was 10 years old. I attended a convent grammar school until I was 18 years old.

I became a professional dancer for 10 years, appearing in London, the Provinces and Paris. I returned to college for 4 years and obtained teaching qualifications ; began teaching Music, Drama, and History in High Schools. I remained a teacher for 16 years, eventually becoming Director of Music.

I came to France in 1986 with my husband Lenny where we established a B&B business. We did this for 12 years.


When and why did you come to Grapevine ?

Claire : In the autumn 1992, Anne Minaud  a colleague in Chambery – one of the first members of Grapevine too- informed me that there was such a club in Aix. The first Grapevine meeting I attended was in Dec 1992. It was carol singing and I was caught.

Joy : I learned about Grapevine from Mavis Boys Smith who was a neighbor and she told me she wanted to form an Anglo French Club for conversation. I did not join as a member when we were working, but we often helped out with talks etc and Lenny helped with the technical things etc. I joined after his death in 2002.


What did you expect from this association?

Claire : Friendship, entertainment and cups of tea! And I’ve got  all!

Joy : I joined for social reasons and to meet people and form friendships.


Your Best Grapevine’s moment (s)?

Claire : There is a lot of them!

The December meetings have remained my favourite ones.

Sharing the launching of the book “Victoria en Savoie” with Josephine was great too!

So were all the anniversaries we celebrated for special occasions and the last tree-planting anniversary with Jacquot.

Joy : I enjoyed giving my very 1st talk her in 1994 about my life as a dancer at the Lido in Paris ; also playing the keyboard for musical evenings, and the trips to see Shakespeare plays in Switzerland.


When did you become President ?

Claire : I took over in 2006 when Mavis stepped down after 12 years as the President.

Joy : I became President in January of this year.


Why did you choose to do it?

Claire : I did not choose the position, Mavis chose it for me I am afraid !

Joy : I did’n choose. I was asked and after a while, I said OK.


Claire, you chose to leave the Presidency after 10 years. Is there a reason ?

Claire : Yes, my life has changed (I am a granny now) and I cannot give my commitment to Grapevine as I used to. I am not available enough to do everything that is expected of a President.


What will you do after ?

Claire : Promoting the British heritage in Aix-les-Bains  is still a priority for me and hopefully  I can continue that as a member of the committee.


Une réflexion sur “Interview with Claire Delorme-Pegaz, Past President, and Joy Lorcery, new President

  1. Really enjoyed the interview with these two very special women. I understand a lot of time and effort is needed to organize and produce meetings/events, Grapevine is like family and I am grateful for it. Long may it continue to flourish!


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